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10th Reunion Costumes!

2009 wins the 1932 Trophy!

At the annual luncheon during reunions 2017, the class of 2009 won the Young Alumni Award 1932 Trophy.

This award is given to the class less than 10 years out which has had the most complete program of communication, activities and dues participation.



OktoberFifth Survey Infographic

We’re so excited to unveil the results of our class survey, presented in an awesome infographic that was designed by our very own (and very talented) classmate, Andy Chen!


Voting reminder and missed ballot instructions

Thanks to the 312 of you who have voted already! And to the rest of you – make sure to vote by the end of Thursday (EST)!

If you didn’t get an email with ballot information (from SurveyMonkey), check your spam filter or email us at and we can get you set up. We want to make sure every classmate has the opportunity to vote!

Reunions 2014 – Meningitis Information for Attendees

Dear classmates,

We’re excited to remind you that Reunions is only a few weeks away!

In light of the recent cases of meningitis associated with Princeton University, we wanted to share some information with you before your visit.

There is no evidence that visitors are at increased risk of getting meningococcal disease from casual contact with individuals on campus. However, Princeton University continues to recommend that people remain vigilant to the symptoms of meningococcal disease and seek treatment immediately if they experience symptoms, which are described in detail, below.

Bacterial meningitis is contagious, but generally is transmitted through direct exchange of respiratory and throat secretions by close personal contact, such as kissing, sharing drinks, eating utensils, smoking materials, cosmetics and other items. Fortunately, none of the bacteria that cause meningitis are as contagious as the common cold or the flu, and they are not spread by casual contact or by simply breathing the air where a person with meningitis has been.

A high percentage of eligible members of the University community have already received both doses of the serogroup B vaccine at campus clinics in recent months. Students who have received both doses of the vaccine have likely protected themselves from getting sick, but there is a chance they may still be able to spread meningitis bacteria to others.

There is no evidence that says individuals are at risk of catching the infection by touching surfaces like doorknobs or keyboards. However, hand washing and covering your cough or sneeze are good hygiene practices to follow.

Symptoms of bacterial meningitis could include high fever, headache or stiff neck. Other symptoms may include nausea, vomiting, confusion and sensitivity to light. Later in the illness, a rash that looks like purple blotches or spots on the arms, legs and torso may appear. These symptoms can develop suddenly over several hours, or they may take up to ten days to appear. We strongly advise that if you experience any of these symptoms, contact your health center or physician immediately.

For more information about meningitis or the outbreak, please visit:

I look forward to seeing you on campus soon.


Your ’09 Class Officers

Battle of the Alumni Bands 2014

Reunions 2014 will include the 7th annual Battle of the Alumni Bands, which aims to feature alumni from all major reunion classes. They’d love to have as many ’09 bands as possible come back and perform 3-4 songs in a 15-20 minute set.

The Battle takes place on Friday, May 30th, from 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. under a tent on the lawn in front of Lockhart Hall (by the U-Store at the foot of Blair Arch). It’ll kick off with a current undergraduateband and then feature a different alumni band every twenty minutes.

For any bands where some members have stopped playing, they will have a professional piano, bass, guitar and drummer standing by to fill in for any missing band members. If you’d like to bring your current band, that’s fantastic as well. And don’t worry about equipment: they will have a complete PA system, music stands, and a back-line of amplifiers necessary for any configuration, even instruments available (drum set, piano, guitars and an electric bass). They recommend that you bring your own instrument, but you won’t have to lug all the extra equipment.

If you have any interest, please let us know at