2009 Startups – Wipebook

Thomas Sychterz, Class of 2009

Wipebook is a branded goods company founded by 3 engineers, with one of the founders being Thomas Sychterz ‘09. Started in mid-2013, the Wipebook Team has invented, designed, and manufactured the first ever fully functional reusable whiteboard notebook. The young start-up and their innovative, patent-pending, product have been featured numerous times on national and international media. A marriage between a whiteboard and a notebook, the Wipebook is a portable, simple tool that allows its users to brainstorm ideas and take notes. However, unlike conventional mediums such as notepads and notebooks, its pages are reusable; you simply wipe them clean once they are spent. As a result, the Wipebook Team has been able to provide students, designers, and office professionals with a better medium to develop amazing ideas everywhere they go. The best part about it: it can be reused over and over and over again, so it could just be the last notebook that you’ll ever need.

Wipebook has recently experienced local and international success, with over $600,000 in sales in the past 4 months, including a $420,000 Kickstarter success, securing them a spot in the top 10 most lucrative Canadian Kickstarter campaigns of all time. Additionally, the Wipebook crew has filmed an episode on Dragon’s Den, the Canadian version of USA’s Shark Tank.

Wipebook hopes to jump on their new found market gap and expand it as much as possible whilst developing concurrently an eco-system of products that propose alternative elegant and eco-friendly designs. Thomas and his crew will be heading over to California for 4 weeks in july for a business development trip.