2009 Startups – Type/Code

Ian Lord, Class of 2009

Type/Code is a close-knit studio of designers and developers who craft exceptional digital experiences. The multidisciplinary nature of our team inspires a fine attention to detail, both on and below the surface. We love to collaborate with ambitious clients who have big ideas. We thrive on immersing ourselves in our clients’ challenges, finding clever, delightful, and effective solutions.

Digital experiences are comprised of many components – and we are passionate about the intersection of design and technology. These aren’t separate practices, but opposite sides of the same coin; and we’ve built our company structure and process around this. The more that design is allowed to inform development, and vice versa, the better. It’s the difference between good and great digital experiences. Learn more about who we are, and review some of our work samples at typecode.com.

Additional info can be found at our website!