2009 Startups – Invitae

Arianna Gianola, Class of 2009

Invitae is a genetic information company whose mission is to bring genetic information into routine medical practice to improve the quality of healthcare for billions of people. Specializing in genetic diagnostics for hereditary disorders, Invitae is aggregating the world’s genetic tests into a single service with better quality, faster turnaround time, and a lower price than most single-gene diagnostic tests today.

As lead product manager of online user experience and engagement, Arianna looks for unique ways we can leverage digital technologies to democratize genetic information and create a global community for sharing this information in order to advance science and medicine.

Some tools they have built to advance this goal are:

1) Invitae Family History Tool – A free web and iOS app for building, modifying, sharing and saving patient pedigrees (built for healthcare providers).

2) Clinvitae – A publicly-accessible database of clinically-observed genetic variants.

Our next major endeavor is to build an online ecosystem to engage and empower patients with this information.

You can learn more about the company in this recently published article as well as from our website www.invitae.com.