2009 Startups – Amateur Enlightenment

Stephen Strenio, Class of 2009

Amateur Enlightenment is a project founded by Stephen Strenio ’09 with the simple goal of realizing enlightenment in all beings and saving the world along the way. Based on a daily podcast that chronicles Stephen’s own experiments and setbacks, Amateur Enlightenment intends to prove that enlightenment is not only possible, it is essential for each and every person. Amateur Enlightenment calls on you to forge your own way.

About Stephen

Stephen Strenio ’09 has followed a winding road since graduating with a philosophy degree and a theater certificate. After managing the Contemporary Theater Company along with Chris Simpson ’09, he worked in retail, headhunting, search engine optimization, and spent half a year at the San Francisco Zen Center. His path has currently led him to Charlotte, NC as a tutor. He is founding a project called Amateur Enlightenment, which is a call to all people to become their best selves and hopefully save the world in the process.