2009 Startups – 37th Degree

Rudy C. Lee, Class of 2009

37th Degree is a group of filmmakers based in nine countries around the world. To our clients we bring cinematic imagery coupled with solid storytelling so that whatever they’re promoting, it stands out. We’ve collaborated for years making commercials and music videos in addition to films. Our films have been invited to festivals such as Cannes, and our clients range from Vogue to Ferragamo.

Why are we unique? Because we’re there. London, Paris, Milan, Reykjavik, Prague, New York, LA, Tokyo, Seoul, Bangkok. Our people are already here, and whether you want to promote to a specific market or you just want a global look, we can cater to that.

Recently we’ve also expanded to making commercials for start-ups and applications. The first of our efforts is 29mm, a Korean mobile application that introduces one-of-a-kind stores through video. (Think Yelp+Lonely Planet with video elements)

So whether you’re a start-up or an established business, whether you’re a magazine or an e-commerce site, if you want to promote with video look no further. Wherever you’re looking at, we’re already there.

Founders Bio:

Rudy Lee: A proud ’09, Rudy studied Comp Lit and pursued a film certificate at Princeton. After graduation Rudy worked in Rome and Seoul. His films have been screened in Japan, Korea, Germany, and across the US, while he’s also worked in Korean TV. During his Princeton days, Rudy was hung over in Wilson and Whitman after getting drunk at Terrace. Rudy can be reached at rudy.lee@37thdegree.com.

Kimbo Kim: A cinematographer by trade, Kimbo has worked on nearly a hundred films to date and has worked with some of Asia’s biggest stars including Girls Generation, Gianna Jun, and Suzy of Miss A. Kimbo graduated from the Prague Film School and travels the world looking for the perfect shot.

Giovanni Fumu: A director with a knack for action, Giovanni recently shot a vengeance flick in Bangkok (Portrait of an Angry Man). He studied with Kimbo at the Prague Film School, prior to which he studied film in Bologna. Giovanni has worked on projects in Iceland and South Africa, along with everywhere in between. He works in the Seoul office of 37th Degree with Rudy and Kimbo.

Davide Caselli: Before entering film Davide was a musician in the band Les Fauves, complete with groupies. They wrote the music for Non Pensarci, an award-winning film at the Venice Film Festival. The collaboration introduced Davide to photography and film, allowing him to team up with Giovanni and Kimbo. Davide studied history at the University of Bologna and now heads 37th Degree’s London office.